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Our coalition is comprised of partnerships from 12 different community sectors, with the majority of funding from Mid-State Health Network (MSHN)

The ISAP name is significant. The Ingham Substance Abuse Prevention coalition was originally named at the inception of the coalition in 2004. Since early 2016, coalition members expressed concern over the name of our coalition because the term “Abuse” signifies a person made a choice to have a drug or alcohol addiction. We know this is not the case, so to be more inclusive and positive, our coalition voted in June 2017 to change our name to the Ingham Substance Awareness and Prevention coalition (ISAP).

The Ingham Substance Awareness and Prevention Coalition (ISAP) began operation in 2004 to cover a gap throughout the region in collaboration, coordinated treatment, and prevention services. The goal of ISAP is to prevent youth substance use by utilizing environmental strategies to increase the protective factors in our communities. Protective Factors are characteristics associated with a lower likelihood of negative outcomes or that reduce a risk factor’s impact. Risk Factors are characteristics at the biological, psychological, family, community, or cultural level that precede and are associated with a higher likelihood of negative outcomes.

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